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TWP Search is a specialised and expert resource we offer our clients for important hires and to ensure good job fits.


We are organisation development consultants with decades of work pedigree consulting with private and public sectors globally across APAC (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Hong Kong, China) and the UK.


We run psychometric workshops training for universities, HR heads, recruitment consultants in our True Career approach to match jobs and people's skills and aspirations,  for the best fit.


More than 10,000 people have benefited from our highly personalised job matching and placement services.

As work-life consultants working with more than 1000 companies, we believe happy workplaces make good work too. 

our Services

One on One.

Our search services are highly personalised to ensure that the people we place have a thorough understanding of a company's expectations.


We run a series of customised one-on-one interviews for exclusive hires, not just with each candidate but also with client organisations for cultural and personality fit.

We also customise specific job profiles for volume hires.


All our recruiters are highly trained and seasoned users of a wide range of psychometric testing - (Assessment Centres, Multifactor Leadership, SHL, Wave, In-Sight) to ensure a better job match that is not just based on work experience and job skills.


Most fast-growing organisations demand a high quality of leadership, teambuilding, quick and innovative problem solving or changing goalposts, and expect their employees to perform well during escalations.

Well researched psychometrics go further for a better job match and minimise poor hires.

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